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iot heap platform overview


Real-time problems, real-time solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) or The Internet of Everything is the network of objects in a physical world accessed through the Internet and IoT Heap is a platform that enables this access.

Objects in physical world are equipped with different communication capabilities and contain different embedded technologies. Those objects interact with the external environment and communicate.

IoT Heap platform provides you information everything those objects sense, measure, detect no matter their communication path, or embedded technology.

iot heap remote monitoring and secure control


The earth and the sky. From objects anywhere in the world to the cloud.

IoT Heap offers benefits of cloud computing, data acquisition, remote control, and comprehensive data analytics gathered and processed from objects in a physical world, regardless of how big your place of interest is; whether it is a well, building, a city, pipeline, power system, a county or the whole world.

IoT is connecting new places to the Internet. When an object in a physical world can represent itself digitally, it can be monitored and possibly controlled from anywhere.

iot heap platform scalability


As amount of sent data gets higher new skills are needed to harness it's power.

Main features of Iot Heap platform are flexibility, efficiency, scalability, blazing performance, extremely quick provision and usage simplicity.

Iot Heap is flexible regarding different end devices and objects it is connecting, but it is also flexible when it comes to how users can use data. Users can build relationships between data sources and take action in one area based on data from another.

IoT Heap users can scale level of services needed as well as number or modules used. Also, IoT Heap itself is optimized for M2M communications over different protocols and therefore there is no need for multiple systems.

iot heap data visualization, dashboards and widgets


Build real-time, interactive dashboards in minutes.

The changing shape of the digital world as we know it made us to realize how important user experience really is.

In order to overcome this key barrier we have put significant efforts to provide simplicity to our users. Through a wide variety of services and widgets IoT Heap Data Visualization platform ensures that there is no need for a complex and challenging manual process.

Users can design own dashboards based on their product line KPI's and metrics, adjust display options simply, configure access levels instantly and add new monitoring rules quickly.


Uninterrupted operation is imperative for profitability.

Either part of a power system needs to be monitored or a whole national power system daily production and consumption of electricity, IoT Heap is a scalable platform able to process, transform and present relevant data.

power system monitoring


Remotely monitors large-scale power lines and other parameters under a single system.

Base Transceiver Stations are key infrastructures on any telecommunication network as they make 70-80% of its total energy consumption. The ability to monitor the performance of wireless communications systems is becoming increasingly valuable as hundreds of new base stations come on line.

power grid monitoring


Warning about threats in real time minimizes the risk and impact of advanced and targeted threats.

Wired or wireless sensors able to provide measurements and/or sensing directly or indirectly over the internet can be gathered into IoT Heap and therefore presented and saved for future analysis.

digital oilfield

industrial-control-system Industrial Control System

By implementing a wide variety of industry protocols like Modbus, OPC, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850, we provide the ability to connect and integrate both existing and new devices.

big-data Big Data

Through our high-throughput stream processing architecture we allow the collection, processing and presentation of thousands events simultaneously.

enhanced-security Enhanced Security

Granular security model provides more flexible, and dynamic security controls than traditional enterprise security models.

partner-sdk Partner SDK

Embed existing services through efficient end-to-end application development environment for third party partners.


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